Never Stop The Madness


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released January 10, 2016



all rights reserved


MILLIARD Krasnodar, Russia

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Track Name: Gnosis
Amen…is for your consolation
Metaphysics will be gone out of sight out of mind

Sweaty palms and foul breath of the Shudra
Are the atoms of all that you used to live under.

They are those who used to give a birth
Of progression from the shake of life and chaos
Some of them came to build the will of life
Showing the frightening gods to the children

Enigmas of blackened gnostic seeds
Are forcing us to hold on to the fears.
Still hesitating to cut off the naval string…
You, a starborn being!

Choose that card if you want more…

Thus, some of us are those
Who are not to inherit the Earth.
This latest plebs spawns
Are ought to be killed off.
They would will to sow the seeds of a trident.
And our will will be written on a cloth of a louring sky.

Taking to the arms of gnosis
Within the world with a no form still.
Transcending the homes all the old gods
And build a newborn will.
Taking to the arms of gnosis!
Taking to the arms of gnosis!
Taking to the arms of gnosis!
Taking to the arms of gnosis!
Track Name: Facing The End
So you cometh and we will judge
What has born the rotting consciousness

When once in the morning sun will rise no longer
When bottomless pits be filled to brims
When the answers to all the questions be no longer
When the whores get the innocence

When the boiling water turn into ice
When killed wild boar stretch itself to sky
When july snow will cover the Earth
When the silver prophet choke with black gold

So you cometh and we will judge

Self-consuming egos you`ve borne
Like the skin of gods and light of stars you`ve worn
These are the seeds you`ve sewn
From your sore parts
I deform myself before the eyes of Death
And I spit out the poison you`ve filled my veins with

When a deaf fetus will slash its wrists
When a voiceless giant will drop the planet
When the last gate be closed forever
When the headless hellhound come to you

When you`ll see the end of the game
A wicked demiurge played
When you`ll see a whoredom
In every icon of saint virgin

There I see a dissection of souls
Time to see those who murdered me
Terminate the way of my spirit and contaminate
My claws shred the way they come to the Earth
Through a mother`s womb
Track Name: Aeon of Сhoronzon
Consuming the caravans of flesh,
Burning the towns of bastards,
Blinding the heaven with smoke
I invoke the evil spirits!
Lifting the level of the oceans,
I bring the air to boil.
Throwing the clouds to the depths,
I bring the Earth back to the microbes!

Veils of Maya living in the suffering soil
Unknown faces of dying gods
Looking at people so guilty.
Anointing the foredoomed spirits,
Making no footprints on the ash, I go ahead.

Collecting souls among the worlds
I bring back to the creatures all memory.
Locking them in an endless gloom,
I foredoom them to endless death!

Licking the stars from heaven,
I stuff my stomach with gods.
Closing the times and circles,
I disgorge the myriads of lightnings!
Rising above the routines of life,
I extinguish the lights with spits.
Chanting the names of death,
I concept myself in a dance!
Track Name: Inflicted
Abyss abyssum invocat
In the divinity of my solitude
The warmth of their souls is being fucking shredded

So let there be only those of I
Join the wisdom, bring the timeless pain to
The altar of human years,
Though there`s only ash of sorrows
Under a cloven hoof.

So let there be only those of I

Mirrors where we see funerals of earth gods
Though still you fear to touch leper wisdom
Sheltering in the sanctuary of your last faith
Sewing up the eyelids, scarring yourself forever
Murky eyes staring in abyss through abyss

So let there be only those of I

Choice is perennial and the seed of divinity is
Where the stars are being disfigured, transformed and mingling into one

Uprise of the wisdom
Its wisps were once close, were creeping to lurking mind
Hatred is rising
Let you sense the touch of noble and wise madness
See me now as a paradox

Be the bane of you,
The steps to throne
Which fearful gods avoid
Not of this world,
Not of the faith
Not of human seed.
I, I am the sector
Of leper truth and divine wrath
If you see me, feel me as a paradox

Your ascension. Steps to the wasteland
Your ascension. New breath, new skin, new vision
Track Name: Not Of This World
Yet I`m not yours! I`m not yours!
I`m not among the rows of your decaying bodies.
Where the grieving souls are damned to coition.
I will make another incision on a raw spot of my cold soul.

Cut the old threads of demiurge
Behind the back of all the dull souls.
Frankincence divine fingers won`t touch my eyes
I`ll walk this lonely path alone

I`ll take you away to look into the broken mirrors
Killing off that creation, killing off the words of universe.

Where the unicorn among the dying cries
Trotting out from nowhere.
Where I yearn in a wasteland
With no sign of cell of life.

I am the rusty knife of desperate cries
I am the words incisions
The ordours of pain are where I print my steps
Spitting into the whirlwinds of the universe.

I slit my skin before the spirit of Creator.
I breach the void of all the laws.
I curse the inner and outer worlds.
I rise myself higher!
As my lust for sadness
These incisions makes me an exile of the universe.
And when it`s all over
I`ll be wandering in the dust of the gods.
Track Name: Naked Silence
For my hands to suffocate you
In the aftermath of prayers’ heat glancing back in fear
In the twilights at bedtime
After shiver in the knees being beaten with the dead floor

Walking through the incense smell of dismays
Poisoning souls with the bitterness of painful scorches
Depth of decomposed grayness of the mother’s death
Kills the smell of the opened childish veins
But these plump fingers will not get away

From the withered wrinkled chest of Death
Under the sick oppression of Holy Mary
I hide myself behind the veil of Ravenousness
And my glances behind your backs are the sweaty razor of the Violator
Hundreds of demons are about to get loose
Sensing the smell of the new-born soul

Touch the naked skin of Silence
Pale ghosts of those who you love
When Gehenna knocks on their doors
Track Name: Wintry Face
Silence among the grey clouds
Stupefies me with foretaste of eternity
I am lying on the snowed shore
Numbly and quietly

The consciousness is overfilled with the pulsing emptiness
The crumpled pages of memories
Burning and moldering behind me
The blue-grey icy eyes stare skywards
The ice shall not melt on the wintry face

The blood is slowly freezing in veins
The cells are condemned to suffocate
My hairs go under the ice up to the roots
Deeper and deeper

The ice shall not melt on the wintry face

The deepest darkness of the Origin spreads above it
It invokes to dissolve in the extasy of death
The transcendence of anthropopathy is above it
The fractal madness of time is above it
Above my corpse
Track Name: Fucked Up & Ready To Die (Darkthrone Cover)
Stripping on twisted knives in miscreation
Norway be my grave
Increasingly insecure
Combine with stagnant joy

Half my life in your name
Fucked up and ready to die

Death just takes a moment
Suffering is forever

Let's leave this sinking ship together
The water of life will fill your lungs
Drink 'till you bleed
When contradictions fail to soothe

Half my life in your name
Fucked up and ready to die

Murder only takes a moment
It'll last you forever
Track Name: Babylon 2012
Вавилон 2012
Смерть держит объятья над планетой
Континенты города и башни
В ужасе встречают конец света

Смешанные расы и народы
В хаосе культурной мясорубки
Спешат в небытие цари природы
Порождённые грехом ублюдки

Вавилон 2012
Корчится в агонии планета
Люди в панике бегут спасаться
Наступает ядерное лето

Хроническая власть косноязычных
Насажденье псевдо - идеалов
Маразмы утопических иллюзий
Вакханалии за стенами храмов

Вавилон 2012
Марс, Юпитер, Солнце и Меркурий
Готовятся к последнему параду
Когда всё на свете станет адом